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Welcome to the Mimi-Hôtel Website!

Mimi-Hôtel is located in downtown Sambava, one of the four principle towns of the SAVA region (short for Sambava-Antalaha-Vohémar-Andapa) of northeastern Madagascar. New and modern, but with a distinct family atmosphere, Mimi-Hôtel provides the perfect example of a "warm and friendly welcome." We base our reputation on providing the highest quality service possible to all our guests.

Hotel - Courtyard
Hôtel - Courtyard

Hotel: Our modern hotel has eleven clean and comfortable rooms, each accompanied by its own small terrace and private bath with toilet, shower and hot running water. Mosquito nets and fans come standard in each room. A large parking area for vehicles is surrounded by lovely gardens full of flowers and lush tropical greenery.

Two bungalows has been built last year providing full comfort for our clients. It's a must and a really worth to spend night in it.



Chambre - Room #2
Chambre - Room #1

Restaurant: The superb culinary skills of the owner, Madame Sahondra (also known as "Mimi") are widely renown. Mimi's restaurant can accommodate groups of up to 50 people, and offers various menus which combine Malagasy, Chinese and European dishes. The dining room is cool and airy, with big, bright windows. At Mimi's, we keep things simple without sacrificing quality.

Catering: We cater for all occasions, including weddings, conferences and any other sort of big get-together. A large room is available for rent which can accommodate from 50 to 300 people. We can be ready for you at a moment's notice.


Pâtisserie and Tearoom: Mimi's is the perfect place for our hotel guests and others to take a delicious breakfast or to sample Mimi's famous pastries -- cakes, madeleines, galettes, and dozens of other mouth-watering delicacies. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa and a variety of sodas are also available. Stop by for a quick snack or to pick up some takeaway food as you continue on your journey...

Salon de Thé - Tearoom
Inside the Tearoom

Plan Your Visit in the Area: Mimi's son, Mr. Bruno Lee Sio Tsion, is one of the area's most ardent supporters of the beautiful nature preserves in the SAVA region, including Marojejy National Park and Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve, as well as many other local conservation areas. Bruno is not only a champion for the protection of these areas, but he has explored them extensively and can provide valuable advice and assistance in organizing a visit to them. We encourage you to stop by and chat with Bruno, a kind and wonderful man!

At Mimi-Hôtel, it is always an honor and a pleasure to provide the very warmest welcome to all visitors to the SAVA region.

Most Sincerely,

Your Host,

Mme Sahondra Razaivelo Justine (Mimi)

Phone: (261) 32.07.610.28 ou (261)
Email: mimi.hotel.resto@gmail.com


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